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FIXEdge Java functionality can be extended with custom modules if required. The new logic can be integrated via Spring configuration files. As a default extension point, use the conf/spring/custom-ext.xml configuration file. Add any custom Beans there.

The conf/spring/custom-ext.xml currently includes two Java Beans for extending Groovy rules with custom functionalities:  

  • Listing a bean with the customBLImports ID allows extending default imports for Groovy scripts:
<util:list id="customImports" value-type="java.lang.String">
	<!--Example of import value-->
  • Mapping a Bean with the customBLBeans ID allows adding custom Beans as variables to Groovy scripts:
<util:map id="customAdditionalProperties" key-type="java.lang.String">
    <!-- exampleBean now is accessible in Groovy scripts -->
	<entry key="exampleBean" value-ref="testBean"/>

<bean id="testBean" class="java.lang.Object"/>

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