In this article you can find description of errors, warning, debug and information messages which may be spotted in log files of applications based on FIX Antenna C++/.NET.


  • Exception in Application::process() - "basic_string::_S_create"

    <Timestamp>    ERROR    [Engine]  Session <Session_Name> : Exception in Application::process() - "basic_string::_S_create"

    Description: It means that you've got an unhandled exception in your Application::process callback.

    Troubleshooting stepsHandle this exception or fix an error which leads this exception.


  • Myricom DBL is not supported

    <Timestamp>    WARN    [Engine]  Myricom DBL is not supported. Cannot load dynamic library: 'dbltcp.dll'. The specified module could not be found. (Error code = 126)

    Description: These records in log file are about compiler options which were used to build FixAntenna library. FixAntenna checks if Myricom card is installed and available.

    Troubleshooting steps: This doesn't indicate an issue. Please, ignore them.

  • Message queue was overflown

    <Timestamp>    WARN    [b2bits_mfix_instrument]  orders CURR CETS|USD000UTSTOM: Message queue was overflown.

    Description: This record appears when number of messages stored in recovery mode for the particular instrument becomes more than maximum.

    Troubleshooting stepsYou should increase MDApplicationParams::incrementQueueSize_ parameter or handle messages quicker.


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