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FIXEye provides a powerful real-time monitoring tool which is Watch. You can create multiple processes with various filters and search parameters to follow updates in selected files.

  • To create a new Watch, on the File menu, click Create Watch. You can also click the  icon on the toolbar to open the Realtime Files Watch window.

  • Specify the message type you want to watch in the Filter list.
  • In the Search box, type search parameters. You can leave the box empty to see all messages.
  • In the Validation list, select a required validation level.
  • In the Check interval box, type a check interval in milliseconds.
  • In the Schedule list, select the moment when you would like to start.

  • To add files you want to watch, under Files, click Open. Select files you want to monitor, and then click Open. You can also add files to the list by typing a file path, and then click Add.
  • To remove a file from the list, select a required file, and then click Remove.
  • Select the 'E-mail Notifications' check box if you want to receive a notification email every time a new message is detected. Click Configure to set up an outgoing mail server.
  • Select the 'Activate on new message' check box if you want FIXEye to blink on a taskbar when a new message is detected.

You can stop or pause the process in the Realtime Files Watch window using the corresponding buttons on the Watches toolbar.

  • Click the Now Scroll is: Off to switch off the automatic scroll to the latest messages. Clicking the Now Scroll is: On button will restore it.
  • Click the button on the toolbar to clear the list.

You can add an agent to monitor the files on a remote computer.

  • In the Realtime Files Watch dialog, right-click anywhere in the Files window, and then click Add Agent. You can also use the button. Please mind that the agent should already be configured on a remote computer.
  • Once the agent is connected you can add a Watch that will monitor the remote storage.

FIX Events Viewer

FIXEye can notify and send emails on the following events:

  • Connection status - FIX Session status has been changes
  • Order acknowledge time - The time between receiving ordered and sending the acknowledge is exceeded.

Follow the steps to enable notification:

  1. On the Tools menu, click the Events Viewer. You can also use the Events Viewer button on the toolbar.
  2. In the FIX Events Viewer dialog, add files or agents you want to track.
  3. Create a subscription.

Click the button on the FIX Events toolbar and select your subscription type.

Connection status

Specify the expected FIX connection status for notification.

Order acknowledge time

FIXEye can compare the time from SendingTime (52) tag between order and the first acknowledgment on it. This check can be used if one needs to monitor delays in message processing.

The precision between order and acknowledgment can be different (e.g. Milliseconds vs microseconds) which leads to unexpected/wrong results. Use this option only in case of the same accuracy.

Configuring Email notifications

To receive an email notification on Select the E-mail Notifications checkbox and click on the Configure to set up an outgoing mail server.

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